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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Top 10 Tips: For website success

by Craig Taylor, Creative Director, LAMP Digital

1. Proofread your website and importantly get others to proofread it. Check for spelling and grammatical errors. Is your email address and telephone number still correct as these change. Who collects enquiries and do they know what to do with them?

2. Add new content to your site EVERY month at least and make your content short and succinct. Make sure you make your most important point at the top of the page, without the need for scrolling down. According to Jakob Nielsen only 10% of users will scroll beyond the first screen of text

3. If you are going to provide good, relevant and valuable news, provide an RSS feed so visitors can receive your news even without visiting your site. Also offer an iGoogle tab and offer links for users to bookmark and share your pages on sites such as Delicious and Digg.

4. Use social media to listen to what your potential market is saying. Use a news reader such as Google Reader and Twitter search to search for and find keywords relating to your industry that are being talked about.

5. Offer content in various formats. If there is a lot of content of a technical nature, provide PDF’s or Word documents (in 2003 and 2007) of your content as site visitors will often save these for later or indeed print them out and keep them.

6. Check your site on the Google index and know which of your pages are listed and importantly which aren’t. A simple search of site: into Google tells you a lot about how Google has received your site.

7. Interact with your users. Collect their contact details, offer surveys, request feedback and reviews of your products. Offer an FAQ’s section with the answers published on your Web site. This encourages return visitors and loyalty.

8. Use an analytics package such as Google Analytics (which is free) to really get to know how your visitors interact with your site.

9. If your site is relatively new, check it views correctly on Internet Explorer 6. Many designers creating Web sites now ignore Internet Explorer 6 however there are still 20% of users with this browser, especially in the corporate environment. Consider Safari as this is the browser that the popular iPhone uses.

10. Are you considering mobile devices? Some 14 million people now access the Internet through a mobile device such as the Nokia N97, Apple iPhone or Blackberry.

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