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Thursday, 3 September 2009

Top 10 Tips: For getting to grips with LinkedIn

by Will Kintish,

LinkedIn is a social media tool but it is possibly the most focused and effective available to generate business leads.

This is why, as a business professional and avid networker, you should make LinkedIn essential to your career and your business:

1. Quite simply it is a very large and valuable network. Being part of the same club means members tend to keep in touch with each other and the system will update your current situation and contact details

2. You build your own brand when you use the profile page carefully. This tells the LinkedIn world who you are, what your business is all about, what services you have available and how people rate you. It’s a great marketing tool! You can even give your page its own customised address, e.g.

3. You have a very powerful referral system at your fingertips

4. You have many people to whom you can give your advice or get advice from. This is available when you use the ‘answers’ section

5. You can set up your own network club within LinkedIn where you find issues of common interest, such as the Greater Manchester Chamber group

6. You can find new advisors and suppliers. Using your network and the testimonial section you can check out these people first

7. When you’re in a bigger organisation it is a great tool to find out more about colleagues across other divisions or even countries. Visibility creates more success in big companies and when you put an effective profile up, who knows who will find you and what benefits it might bring?

8. LinkedIn enables members to give testimonials. So if you are wondering if that potential supplier who contacts you is worth considering, you have a possible gauge of their ability and reputation. It works the other way as well. I am glad to say that many professionals that have attended my courses have taken the time to express their opinion about it – sixty four to date.

9. If you are recruiting or looking for a new position it is a brilliant tool to find potential recruits

10. It’s essentially free! Even if you use more advanced features the costs are not high

Will Kintish is a leading UK authority on effective and confident networking. He will be running courses on using social media during 2009, if you would like to know more please call him on 0161 773 3727 or visit for further free and valuable information on all aspects of networking.

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