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Monday, 28 September 2009

Chamber launches business manifesto

by Angie Robinson, Chief Executive

Today we launch our Business Manifesto to coincide with our activity at the Party Conferences over the next couple of weeks. As the largest Chamber of Commerce in the country, we have a very clear mandate in calling for business to be at the heart of the election debate, as business will play a leading role in any recovery.

Building on the Chamber’s ongoing Action for Business Campaign to help businesses through the challenges of the current downturn, the manifesto is a result of consultation with Chamber members from all 10 local authority areas.

Click here to read the full manifesto

Whilst the manifesto focuses on a range of business concerns, the central focus is on infrastructure, business finance, and employment and skills.

The document suggests that any future government needs to ensure that Greater Manchester businesses have access and benefit to high quality transport links and a world-class digital infrastructure network in order to attract new businesses to the area, boost the economy and improve the areas connectivity with other areas in the region.

On the issue of the business finance, the manifesto calls on the next Government to ensure immediate and fair access to finance for Greater Manchester firms in order to maintain cash flow and support innovative growth.

Support for businesses to continue to retain, develop and nurture an enterprising and flexible workforce, despite the current economic challenges, is also a key theme of the manifesto. The Chamber argues that apprenticeships should continue to be at the heart of any future employment strategy.

In addition, the issue of public finances and how any future government will seek to tackle the national debt is another issue of concern and one that we will be pressing the major political parties on.

We will be interested to hear on how the parties will attempt to tackle the challenges ahead in order to make Greater Manchester an even better place to do business.

We'd love to hear your comments on our manifesto and suggestions for the future. It's important that we're aware of the issues businesses face on a daily basis. Please either leave a comment below or email us at:

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