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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Social Media Guidelines

by Matt Hall, Press & PR Officer

GM Chamber have produced our own Social Media Guidelines offering information, best practice and guidance on how best to engage online. If this is an area you've yet to look at, they may provide a good starting point for thinking about your own social media policy.

As social media grows, with the increasing influence of blogs and the growing popularity of networking sites like LinkedIn and Twitter, there will be new opportunities for communicating with customers, potential customers, partners and press.

These guidelines are by no means exhaustive but outline some of the issues to be aware of when representing yourself and your business online and also some ways to encourage conversation and make you that bit more accessible!

Download the Social Media Guidelines

As social media is changing all the time, we'll be continually looking to update the guidelines. As such, your thoughts and feedback would be much appreciated. You can email me here.

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