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Thursday, 18 June 2009

What makes an entrepreneur?

by Matt Hall, Press & PR Officer

An interesting report published today by O2 to publicise the O2 X Awards 2009, which is looking to find the UK's best Male, Female and Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

The report states that entrepreneurs are born, not made - an idea that many of us will be familiar with - but following a survey of over 500 small businesses and then hours of one to one interviews, they have also identified five of the key personality traits of an 'entrepreneur'.

See whether you agree...

The five key personality traits forming the entrepreneur DNA:
  1. ‘Obsessive optimism’: this approach to business creates a resilient attitude to failure and setbacks, an essential trait when starting out as your own boss.

  2. Enjoyment of responsibility: a highly developed sense of responsibility enables successful business people to view responsibility as an attraction rather than a burden.

  3. Desire to achieve: a major driver of entrepreneurial behaviour which enables successful business people to be single-minded about achieving their goals in spite of obstacles.

  4. The reward of hard work: small business owners are driven by reward, both in the monetary sense, but also in the more emotional sense of reward and pride in driving their business forward.

  5. The urge to be self-employed from childhood: This trait was present in nearly half (48%) of those questioned and also a common trait amongst celebrity entrepreneurs such as Sir Alan Sugar.
You can read the full article here.

For more information on the O2 X Awards visit:

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