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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Incentives to encourage action against climate change

by Richard Critchley, Policy Manager for Environment

A team led by Salford University has been asked by the Environment Agency to test the willingness of the public to carry out works to:

a) protect against flooding
b) to consume less energy

The initial phase of the study (due to finish at the end of May) will establish whether homeowners are willing to spend money to take proactive action against the threat of climate change. Where they are not, the study will discover whether they can be incentivised to change their minds.

The study is now looking for potential incentives partners. The scheme would work by inviting householders to invest in a range of climate change measures in exchange for rewards worth as much or more than the amount that they spent. They will be able to choose their rewards and be offered vouchers in exchange for the goods or services.

Incentives that are currently being considered include:
  • Free bus and train travel
  • Free meals at restaurants
  • Free tickets to sporting, cultural or entertainment events
  • Free food
  • Free services (such as landscaping or shopping assistance)
  • Free courses at local colleges

    The Salford team would like to know:
  • How many restauranteurs would be interested in talking to the research team to find out more
  • How many covers, and at what times they might be willing to donate to the project
  • How much (if any) subsidy would each operator/owner would be looking for to compensate for offering the meals
  • What other benefits (such as publicity) might be expected from participating restaurants
The pilot is expected to start in autumn 2009. If you'd like to know more or you're a restaurant or pub that would like to get involved, please let me know on 0161 237 4037 or contact Prof. Erik Bichard at Salford University on 0161 295 6826.

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