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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Budget 2009: Your Response

by Ilona Krohn, Principal Economic Advisor

The Chancellor presented his Budget on Wednesday and came up with few surprises. The main points are listed below.
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Overall summary of confidence and growth:
  • National debt forecast to be 59% of GDP this year
  • Borrowing will be £175billion in 2009/10
  • Borrowing will be £173billion in 2010/11
  • Economy will shrink by 3.5% this year
  • Economy forecast to grow 1.25% in 2010
  • CPI Inflation forecast to be 1% by the end of the year

Summary of measures targeted to help businesses

Tax & Relief

  • Extension of HMRC's Business Payment Support Service
  • VAT reduction will continue until December
  • Loss making firms will be able to reclaim taxes on profit made in last 3 years
  • Car scrappage scheme confirmed to encourage people to buy greener cars
  • Increase in capital allowances for new investment to 40% for one year
  • Petrol: +2% in September plus 1% each April annually thereafter
  • Income tax for those earning more than £150,000 to rise to 50% from April 2010
Business Support
  • A £750 million Strategic Investment Fund to support advanced industrial projects of strategic importance
  • Credit insurance scheme announced to support medium-risk businesses whose cover has been reduced rather than withdrawn
  • Guaranteed job, training or placement to 18-24 years olds who have been unemployed for 12 months
  • 75 million over the next two years for energy and resource efficiency in business, public buildings and households. Through an estimated 350 loans to businesses.
More information:

HMRC Business Payment Support Service

Loss Carry Back

Capital Allowances

Budget notes, a breakdown of announcements, press notices.
HMRC website

Download the complete budget
Full Budget Report

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