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Monday, 16 February 2009

Action for Business Update

by Chris Fletcher Deputy Chief Executive

We have now had our Action for Business plan out for the last few months and been making strong representation to government on our "Calls for Action" designed to get measures in place to help businesses through these tough times.

It seems like hardly a day goes by without another government announcement about another initiative designed in some way to offset some of the effects of the current economic downturn. Whilst some of these seem, at least on the face of it, to address some of our demands there are still many more issues to address including having a close look at how effective some of the measures have been.

We will be taking forward and refining our Calls for Action over the coming weeks and months and, from time to time, will be pushing some harder than others. Your input and information is absolutely crucial to this. In meetings with government ministers the one thing they all want is evidence from business about the current state of the economy and what still needs doing.

If you haven't yet seen Action for Business, view it here and keep coming back to check on our progress so far. Your help, comments and input is absolutely crucial at this present time, moreso than ever in the past.

Your input allied with our skill at getting in front of the key decision makers is an unbeatable combination.

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